Concept and meaning are all-important elements in contemporary art and photography. True art makes a statement about something, it changes the atmosphere of the space it occupies. Artists are passionate people, we care deeply about human rights, the environment and animals rights, we need to express our voice through visual means. With so much trouble on this beautiful earth, contemporary art leans toward confrontation, edgy and gritty. It aims to shock the viewer out of complacency into action. 
I’ve chosen a different path.
It’s ironic that the choice of peace and beauty is filled with opposition, it isn’t a popular way in contemporary art. If people saw the world through my lens, they would be so overwhelmed by its beauty that they’d delight in caring for it and its people and animals. So I’ve made it my life’s mission to challenge the status quo of contemporary art and be an ambassador for peace, making artworks which create a sanctuary in the spaces they hang.
Creating, exhibiting and teaching art and photography has been my life and passion for the past 25 years. 
My work reveals the simple beauty in everyday life that we tend to rush past in our over-scheduled, device-ruled days. It has changed the emotional landscape of homes and businesses in Australia, UK, Europe, USA and Africa.
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